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The best all-natural ingredients: We use the best ingredients the world has to offer based upon both performance and reliability.

Best Ingredients:

Like everything else in nature, ingredients are not created equal. While ingredients may appear to be similar from brand to brand, there is a wide spectrum in the quality of each individual ingredient that appears on labels.

The ingredients in Brilliantz skin care products have been gathered from the producers of the finest ingredients in the world. Anything less simply wouldn’t be Brilliantz. Here is a sample of the ingredients and why they are included:

All-natural herbs: Family members of our master formulator carefully select the herbs according to exacting standards from Korean markets. The herbs are carefully refined into extracts “in-house” by our master formulator in the USA. The extracts are then meticulously blended to invigorate circulation thereby creating healthy vibrant skin.

Jojoba esters: We use jojoba esters produced in France because the French lead the world in the creation of esters. The proprietary ester used in Brilliantz products has the distinct advantage of allowing the ingredients in our formulations to be rapidly and effectively absorbed into the skin while the alcohols used in many products are subject to evaporation (the ingredients never reach their target) and oxidation (which can lead to discoloration).

Hyaluronan: Skin moisture levels deplete as we age, making the skin less elastic. Hyaluronic acid (HA) holds up to 1000 times its volume in water which reduces wrinkles and improves skin smoothness. HA has the ability to self-adjust moisture uptake which means your skin will never absorb too much moisture. HA also protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

Acetyl hexapeptide 8: Acetyl hexapeptide 8 “AH8” is referred to as "Nature's Botox" in the skin care industry. AH8 is the preferred anti-aging skin care ingredient recommended by dermatologists and doctors. A study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science showed that a 10% concentration of acetyl hexapeptide 8 reduced wrinkles by 30% over a 30-day period.

Glycerin: The glycerin that provides the incredible skin conditioning quality of our products is procured from Malaysia.

Almond oil: The vitamin E and fatty acids present in our almond oil originating from southwest Asia fight wrinkles and prevent signs of aging of the skin.

The best formulations: Our master formulator has 8 generations of family experience to draw upon in blending the very best in Korean Beauty secrets plus 40 years of her own practical experience.

Best Formulations:

The genius of Brilliantz skin care products originates in the hands of our master formulator. Our master formulator draws upon a rich family tradition (her grandfather first began teaching her as a little girl) and recipes that date back 400 years.

You might want to think of the ingredients as the "recipe" and the master formulator as the "chef". Our "chef" combines her knowledge, experience, and artistry to prepare the very best skin care products. She blends the precise amount of each ingredient at the exact moments they are required. The blend needs to “cook” at the perfect temperature for exactly the precise amount of time to achieve the incredible results produced by Brilliantz skin care products. Nothing is left to chance.

The best prices: Brilliantz has recently reduced its already very competitive retail prices by 35% to 45% by switching to offering distributor prices directly to consumers.

No harmful ingredients: All of our ingredients are natural and safe.
Brilliantz skin care products are natural, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic.

Our products are free of Parabens, Pthalates or Synthetic Compounds, Mineral oil, Alcohol, Color and Dye.

Brilliantz Buys from the Top Skin Care Manufacturers in the World

How did a molecular hydrogen company get involved with skin care products?
Sometimes life provides you with an unexpected favour.  Brilliantz is molecular hydrogen (H2) company that had the good fortune of getting introduced to one of the top manufacturers of skin care products in the world.

Initially, it was a stretch On the surface, skin care doesn’t have anything to do with H2, but intuitively, the idea of beauty inside and outisn’t intuitively connected with H2,

Where do the top spas and leading retailers get their products?  
The very best buy from the same manufacturers that we do, while many  use inferior products and blending processes to reduce costs.   

Who are the Top Spas and Retailers that we are Talking About?
The leading spas that use the same supplier as Brilliantz include the spas in hotel chains such as the Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, and Mandarin, all representing the best of the best.  

Whole Foods’ is a well known premier retailer who uses the same manufacturer for their skin care products that we use.

Are The Brilliantz Formulas the Same as the Leading Spas and Retailers?
Not exactly because we all want custom products in order to claim a proprietary blend.  However, changes can be as simple as using 1% more or less of any one of 25 to 30 ingredients used to make a custom blend.

How do Spas Find the Top Manufacturers?  
They are actually pretty easy to find because it is a small group if you know where to look and order in quantities that are large enough to make worthwhile for the manufacturer.

Price and Quality Verification
Check out the description and list of ingredients used in every Brilliantz Skin Care product.  If you take the time to learn about the ingredients we use and why we use them, and then compare them with expensive competitive products, you will understand why Brilliantz skin care products are the very best on the market.  

Selling Spa Quality Products at Walmart Prices

What’s the catch?
You never see anyone selling the very best for the lowest price so why would anyone believe such a claim?

When we created our original Affiliate program, we started with the best products and competitive prices.  We wanted our Affiliates to be proud of the products they were selling to family and friends knowing that they were offering very competitive prices.

Why did Brilliantz decide to sell directly to consumers?
The dramatic changes we have witnessed in consumer buying behaviors over the past couple of years encouraged us to switch to a “Direct to Consumer” strategy.  

How did Switching to a “Direct To Consumer” strategy affect pricing?
Even though Brilliantz began with very competitive pricing for its skin care products, the elimination of the sales commission associated with Affiliate sales team allow us to reduce our prices by 35% to 45%

Is the Comparison to Walmart Pricing Real?

If you check the ingredients found in the skin care products found at Walmart with the ingredients found in Brilliantz skin care products, you will notice a world of difference if you know what to look for.  

Despite the obvious advantage of using the best ingredients, it is the talent and wisdom of our master herbologist with a lifetime of experience backed by 8 generations of family training that makes the real difference in the finished products.   

You would intuitively expect world class spa-style skin care products to be priced at multiples of the products found at Walmart and other similar retail outlets.  

However, you will be surprised that Brilliantz skin care products can compete on price due to our direct to consumer distributor pricing.  

Enjoy the value and performance of Brilliantz skin care products.

How does a molecular hydrogen (H2) company end up with a skin care product line?

While molecular hydrogen (H2) is the heart and soul of Brilliantz, we had the good fortune to be introduced to the owner of one of the top skin care manufacturers in the world a couple of years ago.  

Initially, we had no interest in introducing a skin care line.  However, when our Brilliance affiliate network tested the products, the response was overwhelmingly positive.  We received many comments along the line of “these are the best skin care products I have ever used” and “amazing” and “we have to carry these”.  

When our own people were begging us to carry the skin care products, we changed our mind about adding skin care products for our customers.